Friday, July 27, 2007

A Long Over Do Post

Working and have a toddler (that doesn't toddle) is a lot different than working and having an infant. Woo Wee! Now I know why the room he is in at school is called BUSY babies. But he is wonderful and shows his little personality more and more each day. I think he may have got a bit of his mom's personality though. My little Samuel well is a "drama prince". I get these looks like how could you do that, when all I did was move from the chair to the couch. You would of thought I was leaving to like go to the bathroom or something. Which I can't do with out giving him something play with that isn't classified as a toy. Like a remote control or my ID badge, and his favorite the cell phone. He loves talking on the phone. I am that parent I said I would never be. The one that puts her baby that can't say actual words on the phone to talk. Oh yeah, that is right I do it. But he LOVES talking on the phone. And I am not fully to blame for that trait. Only like 99% to blame. Aunt Terri gave him his own cell phone so he is pretty much way cool. He loves sharing right now. He will share his toys (and take them right back), he will share his drink and my favorite the boy will even give you the food out of his mouth! Tell me that isn't' generous. He loves driving around in his little car too! He may skip walking and go straight to driving.

But, all that isn't as dramatic or heartbreaking for his mom then the little bump we have hit at daycare. It is time for Samuel to move to the Tiny Toddlers room. And he isn't going with out a fight. So we are having some challenges transitioning him. He basically has meltdowns when you even just walk in the room. I just want to run to work and quit my job. Which won't happen but it is a nice thought. Or maybe not so nice, call me a horrible person but I somewhat enjoy going to work and being me for 8 hours a day. But you know I could probably be me at home too, but that isn't going to happen, soooo back to what I was saying. Oh yes, Samuel has meltdowns when they try to take him to tiny toddlers. I can't understand why. But they are being very helpful and trying to make this easy on him and me for that matter. It is has been hard for Dave and I to see him get so upset over it. Any Moms out there that may have experienced this and have advise, bring it on! I will take it. But not from my Mom because she would probably say I got kicked out of daycare for the same reason. I disrupted the other kids or something. I don't believe it. But yes, advise send it my way! I know he will be okay, but it is really just heartbreaking.
Wow, I am on a roll. I have had writers block for some time now. Glad it unblocked. Well there you have it, Samuel's latest and greatest.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fun Times With Daddy

1 Year Stats

First Year Stats:
Weight- 23 pounds 10 ounces- 70%
Height- 30 inches- 70%
Number of teeth- 2
Milk- soy
Food- hot dogs and chicken nuggets
Juice- apple
Snacks- animal crackers
Book- all of them!
Favorite past times- baths, pulling out his toys, morning bottles, swimming lessons, loving his mommy and daddy

"f" art

I really need to do a post that I actually write about all that has been going on...maybe tonight. But for now "f" art. I think we have an artist on our hands.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

That was then...this is now!

Happy 1st Birthday! We love you!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We Were Both Concentrating Really Hard

Samuel has been standing on his own for like 10 seconds!!! He even attempts to take steps. Failed attempts, but he tries none the less. He usually ends up flat on his face :o). He is just growing up too fast for me! I know that is so cliche, but SO true.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Whole Tooth and Nothing But The Tooth

With a little over a week to spare, Samuel's first tooth cut last night!

Sunday, July 01, 2007