Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's The Deal?

This baby can NOT make up his mind. I went off my medication to stop contractions on Monday and have actually been doing some stuff around the house and still haven't had him. I must say while I should be enjoying this time, it is a bit of a disappointment. I didn't get to 36 weeks last time so I don't remember being so uncomfortable. And I really don't remember not being able to sleep at night! Last night was especially interesting though.

12:59 AM:
I get up for my normal bathroom run. And my back was KILLING ME! Then I started feeling contractions. So I laid in bed and tried to time them. But I am not good at timing contractions so it was pretty unsuccessful. An hour goes by and I still feel "contractions" but then I start to think well maybe I am hungry.
Hunger in my mind triggers a need for cereal! It has been my craving this entire time. So now I am laying in bed thinking is it contractions or is it hunger. I am also going to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I think I was convinced that the baby was on my bladder because he was trying to come out. I was also thinking why is Dave snoring all of the sudden?? And why can he sleep while I just lay here sleepless yet another night. My mind is racing and all my thoughts end with cereal. Finally about 3:30 AM I get up and eat a bowl of cereal. Piddle around on the internet and then go back to bed. Still laying there not sleeping. Because now I am thinking did the cereal help or am I still having contractions. And if I can just make it to 7:00 we can take Samuel to daycare and I don't have to call anyone to come watch him in the middle of the night.
4:00 AM:
I go lay on the couch and fall asleep until 6:00 AM. And wake up to no contractions.

Verdict: The baby wanted cereal. I swear he is going to decide to stay in until his due date now!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Know...

Samuel's daily report today from school said:

"He is very intelligent"

Mommy brag moment!!

Or maybe they are buttering us up, because I found out how much of our money they will be getting each month when we start having TWO kids going there. No, no he is intelligent.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Use Your Words

We have really been working on Samuel to use his words. It amazes me how each day he seems to use new words. He has even put some words together. Like "I see you", "I love you", and "all gone".

The problem is, that now that he uses his words he REPEATS them until you give him what he wants. Here are a few examples.

Outside Outside Outside Outside:
Translation - I don't care if it is cold you told me to use my words and I want to go OUTSIDE

Cheechee Cheechee Cheechee Cheechee (cookie):
Translation - Yes I have had 2 already but I know they are in that cabinet and you better give me one.

More More More More:
Translation - Not necessary

So, while using words has greatly reduced the temper tantrums our next goal is teaching him that just because he uses his words doesn't mean he will get EVERYTHING he wants. I know we are hypocrites.

Samuel has also started sleeping in on the weekends! We have actually been able to sleep until at least 8:00 the past two weeks. We have been waiting for this! And just in time for a newborn to join our house and sleep deprive us once again :o).

Monday, March 24, 2008

No More M&M's Until You Eat Breakfast!

Oh there is something in these eggs!

Mommy would have you let you eat them!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Have An Eggcellent Day!

Hoping Everyone Has A Happy Easter! Welcome Spring!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Too Funny

I came across this shirt on one of my many aimless searches on the internet. I think my babies need it. Dave on the other hand did not think they need it. Where is the sense of humor?? I was not savvy enough to figure out how to copy this image so here is the link:

Blogger Shirt

I think I know some other Mommies who could use this shirt too!

Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Forecast Sprinkles

Yesterday my friends had a baby "sprinkle" for me and baby Cooper (the name is out). I enjoyed it from the comfort of my chair so there were not too many pictures. But I had a great time and it was so nice to see everyone!

Disclamer: I have not ordered anything personalized because I reserve the right to change the name.

Basket Boy

It's Done

Friday, March 14, 2008

I See The Light

1 week and 2 days of bed-rest left. After that I am a free woman (who will be going to Target everyday to make up for the loss I caused them the past month).


Apparently Samuel now tells his teachers at school when he "poops". At home he never admits it!! They suggested buying him a potty. I think I will have this baby first and then move on to potty training. They boy isn't even 2 yet!!

Move Over Martha

I decided to try and get in touch with my creative side this week while my Mom was here. Mainly because if I lacked a creative side I knew she didn't and could finish my project. Since I failed at cross-stitching and putting pictures in Samuel's album I decided to make thank-you cards. I now realize I am someone who needs instant gratification. Even on bed-rest I lack patience. But I can mark thank you cards off my list. The only thing my Mom had to help me do was cut the ribbon.

Thanks Mom!! Come back whenever :o).

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Welcome To My World

Another failed attempt by the baby to come out this weekend. He was a bit more stubborn this time. We went to the hospital Saturday night once again with contractions. They hooked me up to the monitor for about an hour and saw nothing...ah relief I could go home. But I asked the nurse what I was feeling because it didn't feel right and she felt my stomach moved the monitor and sure enough those contractions were coming and fast. They had a bit more trouble stopping this time and kept me in there until Sunday afternoon.

Believe me I am following instructions this time..with the exception of right now because I shouldn't be sitting here at the computer :o). In fact I just heard Dave say..."Don't be on there too long Christy".

Bye bye!

He Suddenly Has A Fear Of Water

Playing With Food