Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's The Deal?

This baby can NOT make up his mind. I went off my medication to stop contractions on Monday and have actually been doing some stuff around the house and still haven't had him. I must say while I should be enjoying this time, it is a bit of a disappointment. I didn't get to 36 weeks last time so I don't remember being so uncomfortable. And I really don't remember not being able to sleep at night! Last night was especially interesting though.

12:59 AM:
I get up for my normal bathroom run. And my back was KILLING ME! Then I started feeling contractions. So I laid in bed and tried to time them. But I am not good at timing contractions so it was pretty unsuccessful. An hour goes by and I still feel "contractions" but then I start to think well maybe I am hungry.
Hunger in my mind triggers a need for cereal! It has been my craving this entire time. So now I am laying in bed thinking is it contractions or is it hunger. I am also going to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I think I was convinced that the baby was on my bladder because he was trying to come out. I was also thinking why is Dave snoring all of the sudden?? And why can he sleep while I just lay here sleepless yet another night. My mind is racing and all my thoughts end with cereal. Finally about 3:30 AM I get up and eat a bowl of cereal. Piddle around on the internet and then go back to bed. Still laying there not sleeping. Because now I am thinking did the cereal help or am I still having contractions. And if I can just make it to 7:00 we can take Samuel to daycare and I don't have to call anyone to come watch him in the middle of the night.
4:00 AM:
I go lay on the couch and fall asleep until 6:00 AM. And wake up to no contractions.

Verdict: The baby wanted cereal. I swear he is going to decide to stay in until his due date now!

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Elizabeth said...

it pains me to tell you this but I didn't get to sleep through the night the last two months of my pregnancy - and instead of cereal in the dead of night it was chocolate ice cream . . .