Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Use Your Words

We have really been working on Samuel to use his words. It amazes me how each day he seems to use new words. He has even put some words together. Like "I see you", "I love you", and "all gone".

The problem is, that now that he uses his words he REPEATS them until you give him what he wants. Here are a few examples.

Outside Outside Outside Outside:
Translation - I don't care if it is cold you told me to use my words and I want to go OUTSIDE

Cheechee Cheechee Cheechee Cheechee (cookie):
Translation - Yes I have had 2 already but I know they are in that cabinet and you better give me one.

More More More More:
Translation - Not necessary

So, while using words has greatly reduced the temper tantrums our next goal is teaching him that just because he uses his words doesn't mean he will get EVERYTHING he wants. I know we are hypocrites.

Samuel has also started sleeping in on the weekends! We have actually been able to sleep until at least 8:00 the past two weeks. We have been waiting for this! And just in time for a newborn to join our house and sleep deprive us once again :o).

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