Monday, July 31, 2006

Gas my A%&

This is Samuel's first smile that we caught on camera! It really was NOT gas either. He was just happy to be outside. Even though Mom was freaking out he would get a sunburn the entire time. Or maybe he was happy Keri & Matt came to visit. Either way, it wasn't gas.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

This Shirt Is So Money!

Samuel is ready for his first trip to Vegas!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Samuel and his Cousin Aaron

We went and visted Terri and Family tonight. Aaron loves holding his new cousin.

Ricky & Destiny

I remember when Ricky was Samuel's size! Now he has a girlfriend!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Samuel Gained 7 oz!!!

Just got back from the doctor and Samuel gained 7 ounces. That is just since Monday...way to go Samuel!

Check out my muscles!

Samuel is doing really well. I know he is getting more energy because he has now learned the art of making noise to get Mommy and Daddy's attention. Oh it works! But right when you pick him up he is all better...most of the time :o).

We have even been on a few adventures this week. I am teaching Samuel about Mommy's favorite past time. No, not rum and Pepsi One! Shopping!!!!!!!! We have been to the mall twice now. Samuel also got his pictures done yesterday. But he loves the mall, I think he is going to be a shopper like his Mom. Although Daddy may disagree. It will be all about Footbal in a few weeks :o). Go Huskers!

I am pretty sure Samuel has successfully wrapped me around his little finger. We spent our first week (actually home) together and my neck is soar from looking at him all day long. He is sweet doesn't matter he is always sweet to me.

Samuel goes to the doctor today to make sure he is gaining weight. But he is eating anywhere from 2-3 oz every 3 hours (sometimes 2 1/2) so I think he has caught on to the eating thing. Now if only he could learn to not spit it up!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am 2 Weeks Old Today

Okay, Mom is a little sad that I am already two weeks old.

This is my first time wearing something besides a onesie! Mom thought it would be WAY too big on me and I surprised is almost too short. She said I am tall and skinny like my Dad. As she put the outfit on she said okay, we are only trying this on and then putting it away. Something about me getting my pictures done tomorrow (don't they take enough) and maybe I would wear it tomorrow. I wanted to wear it so I decided to spit up on it.

I think my Mom needs something to do. She just takes pictures of me all day. Then Dad comes home from work and does the same thing.

Thanks for letting me post a blog Mom!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Am Not A Proud Mom Or Anything

Samuel loves when Mommy gets new toys out for him. Today we introduced him to his giraffe. He was so cozy and happy on it.

Hey...Move Over!

Samuel & Caleb had their first of many play dates today! We just hope they don't get in the same trouble their Mommies did!! Can you believe they are just 3 weeks apart?

Oh how life has changed, Rachella and I spent our afternoon comparing how much formula our babies eat and feeding them at their scheduled 3:00 feeding!

Samuel Discovers His Thumb!

Now if only he would take to his bottle like that!

Monday, July 24, 2006


My two favorite guys!

Samuel & Mommy

My First Blog..this one is a bit long!

This is Samuel Cade. He arrived on July 12, 2006. I planned on doing this blog him from day one but it wasn't that easy. Samuel had quite the week! Samuel decided to arrive 5 weeks early, which came as a surprise to everyone! He was healthy, had a bit trouble breathing at first but that was corrected with-in hours!He was born on a Wednesday and went home from the hospital on Friday...we had an interesting first weekend home. Samuel slept a lot! We thought wow, what a good baby! He doesn't even wake up during the night. And did I mention he had a really good tan??? Well the following Tuesday when Samuel went to the doctor we found out that Samuel wasn't tan, he was yellow!! The doctor did blood tests and called that night to admit Samuel to the hospital for jaundice. Mommy was devistated!! He went in that evening and then came home the next day. Well Thursday we went back to the doctor and found out Samuel was a bit lazy-he would take an hour to eat 2 oz! This concerned the doctor, so back to the hospital! The doctor wanted to monitor his eating and was considering a feeding tube to give him what he didn't eat! Samuel went in Thursday and ate like a champ! We then went home Friday. We made it through the weekend Samuel went to the doctor today and gained 3.5 oz!!!! Woo Hoo Samuel!! So now we can start life as a family! Samuel has 25 minutes to eat and eats every 3 hours. He pees out of his diaper and sleeps. So this is what being a mother is about. Doing laundry and worrying about him eating at least 2 oz in 25 minutes every 3 hours! I love it!! Will write more later..and probably not as much.