Friday, July 28, 2006

Check out my muscles!

Samuel is doing really well. I know he is getting more energy because he has now learned the art of making noise to get Mommy and Daddy's attention. Oh it works! But right when you pick him up he is all better...most of the time :o).

We have even been on a few adventures this week. I am teaching Samuel about Mommy's favorite past time. No, not rum and Pepsi One! Shopping!!!!!!!! We have been to the mall twice now. Samuel also got his pictures done yesterday. But he loves the mall, I think he is going to be a shopper like his Mom. Although Daddy may disagree. It will be all about Footbal in a few weeks :o). Go Huskers!

I am pretty sure Samuel has successfully wrapped me around his little finger. We spent our first week (actually home) together and my neck is soar from looking at him all day long. He is sweet doesn't matter he is always sweet to me.

Samuel goes to the doctor today to make sure he is gaining weight. But he is eating anywhere from 2-3 oz every 3 hours (sometimes 2 1/2) so I think he has caught on to the eating thing. Now if only he could learn to not spit it up!!!!!!!

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Don Diego said...

Yes, he will be a football fanatic. Sorry Dave he is a Sooner by birth so I will have to teach him well.