Monday, September 29, 2008

Confessions of a two year old.

Sam: I go in time out. I not nice to my friends.
Mommy: What?
Sam: I go in time out I not nice to Aidan.
Mommy: What did you do to Aidan?
Sam: I sit on him.

I'm Your Number One Fan

6 Month Stats:
Weight: 19 lbs 15 oz 70%
Height: 26.5 inches 50%
Head: 17 3/4 cm 80%

Tonight is the eve of your 6 month birthday and I couldn't wait any longer to post about it. This month has been so much fun, really. Your little personality is starting to show more and more each day. I think if I had to pick one word for you it would be curious. Not curious in a pull out everything in the drawers or get in trouble kind of way. Curious like you want to absorb every sight and sound around you. This is not to say that you don't have a silly side too! Your laugh makes me laugh and your smile makes me smile. And heck, your cry even makes me cry sometimes too.

Some major milestones you have REACHED this month are:
  • Reaching (it only seemed appropriate to put this first) - you reach for everything around you. I am sure anyone can guess the first place anything goes after it reaches your little grip is in your mouth. I can't even put paper near you or you will eat it.
  • Food - you are now eating baby food, we cruised through stage 1 and we are now at stage 2. One reason is "1" was too runny and another reason is "2" had more food. I will just say you had no problem getting the hang of spoon in mouth equals food.
  • Sitting Up - you are now sitting unassisted. I think it is a better view for you when you sit and "play" with your big brother.
  • Talking - You definitely have the gift to gab. You sat in your high chair tonight just gabbing away and I am almost certain you were telling us all about how much your legs hurt after you had your 3 shots today.
  • Sleeping - You got it down! On average you are taking 2 naps a day and sleeping all night long (Lionel Richie again).
  • Bottle - You are holding your bottle. Sometimes you get a little lazy and have Mommy or Daddy do it and that is okay, you are still a baby!+
  • Butter - Sorry but somehow I gave you that nickname.
I may have said this before but I will say it again, this age makes all the sleepless nights and dirty diapers worth every single moment. Not that you have too many dirty diapers.. :o).

Cooper Jakob your a precious little boy who is loved so much by Me, Daddy and Big Brother Samuel. We can't wait to see what you do next.

Monday, September 22, 2008


That was the result from today's test. YIPEE!!!

Well that was NOT fun.

We are home. I would show you a picture to show you all parts are in tact, but the battery died on my camera when I went to download. So now I need to charge it for a few hours and hope the doesn't meet any new milestones that would be picture worthy.

But back to this morning. Cooper's test was scheduled for 7:30 AM, we were to get there at 7:15 and no bottle 3 hours before. As told, we arrived at 7:15. And waited...Cooper was a happy boy he was turning his head every time a cart went buy or someone came off the elevator. He was jumping and laughing and 7:30 came and went. Now, they were only about 30 minutes off schedule but at 7:40 Cooper was like where in the heck is my bottle? And the tears started. And we waited. They finally came and got us about 8:00 and instead of telling me what a happy baby I had (which I did at 7:30) they asked is he a fussy baby? Well, right now, yes. He is hungry. Strapping him to a board to get a before picture didn't help. Then waiting for the x-ray tech to come didn't help. Getting the contrast material going (NOT through his mouth) really didn't help. He screamed and screamed. They did the test and of course can't tell us the results but let's just say there was a lot of poop in there. They showed us his colon spasming and said that is really painful. My poor baby! They said we needed to come back in the morning for a picture to make sure all of the contrast material is moving out. I will be more than happy to spend today changing his diapers if it cleans him out. He was happy and playing when we got home and then crashed for a nap.

We will wait for the doctor to call. And I am sure everything is okay, but I still hate waiting.

And Cooper, like your brother this is the closest you will have to a baby book also. But don't be embarrassed that your Mommy posted about this. It is part of your life. And you can hold this against me when you are older and I complain that you are stinking up the house.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Tomorrow this little guy is having a test done. The test his to check to make sure there is not a medical reason for Cooper's problems going well, poop. I am nervous. I can't help it, the doctor is sure the test isn't going to show anything but just needs to make sure. So keeps us in your thoughts tomorrow. I am taking the day off to spend it with him and will post an update after he has it done.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Does He Do This On Purpose?

Why is that whenever Dave puts Samuel in his pj's they never match? Does he do it to drive me crazy? It works.

And your eyes do not deceive you, Cooper is sitting unassisted. Way to go Cooper!!


I don't know if anyone else has had success with pull-ups, but to me they are over priced diapers. When Samuel is really ready to potty train (right now he only goes when he wants some m&m's) we are just going to have to use big boy underwear and let him figure out what happens when you don't use the potty. I am changing his pull-ups just as much as I was changing his diapers.

I am still buying the over priced things, but I had to complain about it.


When I picked up Sam today he quickly greeted me with:
"MOMMY, hang this on the refrigerator."

So of course I did.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good ol' Google Again.

I always feel better when I Google something and find out I am not the only one....

Tonight's Google:

I accidentally washed a disposable diaper.

I am trying the re-wash the clothes method. What a mess!!!!!

The Things You Say

Some of my favorite things you have said this week:

Mommy, who bought this?

Do you need a nap Mommy?

Sam: I want some yogurt
Mom: we don't have any
Sam: Go buy some

Go buy me a new toothbrush.

Cooper, keep your hands to yourself.

Cooper hit me.

Mommy relax!

He is definitely my child.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Am I the only Mom that asks "dr google" before they ask a health care professional about their kids or even their own health symptoms?

Tonight as I was feeding Cooper I noticed the outside of his ear was really red. Dave and I were curious as to what it was. Dave suggested I call the nurse line offered by our insurance company. I was getting up to google it. Dave discouraged this as "dr google" sometimes leads me to assume the worst possible diagnosis from the symptoms I describe. But I did the sensible thing, I did both and here are the results:

Nurse line - contact his primary care physician within 8 hours and if I am not able to get a hold of Cooper's doctor then call them back for more direction. No hint of the possible diagnosis. Just call his doctor within 8 hours. I don't know if it would you, but that freaked me out.

Google - Swimmers ear. Which is not always caused by "swimming" and translates to more or less an ear infection.

Well I felt silly to call his doctor after hours for a red ear so I did the sensible thing and got him in the car made a bottle and headed to Urgent Care. Because if it is an ear infection as google said he needs antibiotics and who knows what the nurse line thought but "within 8 hours" justified urgent. I got to Urgent Care and realized I didn't have my wallet and Dave was at Walmart so he couldn't bring it to me. I sat in my car and decided to go in and have them pull my insurance information. I got out of the car and opened the back door to a snoring Cooper with a not as red as it was before ear. I poked and tugged at his ear and he didn't squirm.

I then got back in my car drove home and decided it was very possible he just laid on his ear the wrong way. I am taking my own advise of "take two of these (ok the two of these were for my own headache) and check his ear in the morning". I went with my gut feeling. I need to trust that more often. Let's just hope I don't blog about an ear infection tomorrow.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


(I have been having some camera issues lately. Please excuse the blur.)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Finally Soap for a Baby Boy

I bought the vanilla oatmeal Johnson's baby wash last night for Cooper and it smells yummy! I love it, it is a perfect scent for a sweet little boy. If you have a boy, I suggest it.

More Pictures From Omaha Trip

Monday, September 01, 2008

Month 5

Happy 5 months!

With month five you introduced yourself to your hands and feet. You have been familiar with your hands for awhile, but are in love. You also like playing with your feet and I like that too. You wake up each morning with a smile and a giggle and Mommy is lovin' it!

Your Grandma Carol and Papa bill nick named you Sumo Cooper, which I think is quite appropriate.

You are sleeping all night long (I now have Lionel Richie stuck in my head). You are in ahhh of your brother, and so forgiving when he sits on you by "accident". I had to laugh at him tonight because he was sitting in front of you and you were kicking your feet and then accused of kicking him. Just wait!

Well, sorry this is a few days late but you were in Nebraska meeting your cousins over the weekend and Mommy didn't get to post about this month. You had a great time. Later on I will post some more pictures.