Sunday, May 31, 2009


Sam pooped in the toilet!

First Steps

Cooper just took his first steps!!

A Perfect Day

You don't get too many warm days in Oklahoma without humidity. Yesterday we did! And we enjoyed it.

Sorry I Haven't Stopped By...

But you see I am still working on getting my addiction to Facebook under control. Is there a self help group for that?

Cooper is just going and going! He is able to stand on his own but still holds a death grip when you try to let him walk on his own. He loves to stand from a sitting position and wait for cheers. We give them! He is very sneaky, so I can't take my eyes off of him or he will be into something. Cooper still seems like he is absorbing the world and trying to figure out the meaning behind everything.

Sam is as busy as ever! Not absorbing the world because he can't sit still long enough to do it. This weekend we have been on a potty training mission! No more pull-ups, which I may add is an over priced diaper.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It Wasn't Me...

But I still won't use q-tips anymore.

I am a picker, I admit it. If I see cradle cap I pick at it. If I see a piece of wax in my son's ear I try to get it. I know weird, but I think that is typical of most Moms.

Anyway, yesterday I saw a piece of wax in Sam's ear with his tube in it. I had to get it!! I tried gently to get it making sure not to go to far in his ear with the q-tip. Well after a couple of tries he started screaming, so I left the wax and tube be. I kind of thought he was being over dramatic.

Well, last night wasn't a good night. Between Sam and Cooper I got about an hour sleep. Sam just screamed and screamed all night and said his ear hurt. This morning he said he felt better and then I look and liquid was coming out of his ear! I was POSITIVE I did it. I burst my son's ear drum.

We were at the doctor this morning and she looked in his ear and it was full of puss and the other ear was infected. She assured me that yes his ear drum burst, but that it wasn't from me using the q-tip it was from the infection that had been brewing. She said the screams were because it truly hurt. Poor guy, hope we aren't on our way to tubes again.

As for Cooper, he is still not sleeping. She said his mouth is just full of soars :o(. She had to prescribe him something to sleep and gave me some other home remedy ideas. Hope he gets better soon!!!!! I hate seeing him in so much pain.

Two sick kids, no fun.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The trenches, which is also known as our backyard...

Time to mow (and clean up the tree branches)

Gettin' It

Cooper use to get SO excited when he saw a bottle, after all what better than a warm bottle of milk. But he finally gets it, bottle = nap or bedtime. He now screams and crawls the other way whenever he sees a bottle.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease...Check

I don't really have a list, but if I did I would check Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease would be off of it. Cooper came across this somehow and now we are getting through it. Cooper only has it in his mouth which makes eating difficult. Whenever he ate he would just scream. Imagine a mouth full of canker soars, OUCH. Today he finally ate breakfast with no tears but that was only after he woke up 5 times last night screaming. They claimed a mixture of liquid benadryl and Maalox would help that, I beg to differ :o).

Because I don't want to spread it, Cooper has had to be home all weekend. This he doesn't like. Sam went to the Park with his Daddy on Friday night and Cooper sat at the door and yelled for them for about 10 minutes! I think he is ready to leave the house now.
We are just hoping Sam doesn't get it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

This Story is a Couple Days Old

Sam: Did you go to work today?
Mommy: Yes
S: I worked today too. In the kitchen.
M: You did???
S: Yep at school.
M: Was Annie there?
S: No. I made pizza and rice and beans.
M: That is good.
S: Yep.

No No

Last night Cooper was in the bathtub and started to splash. I said "no no Cooper". He said "no no" and waived his finger at me! Then continued to splash.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Sunday, May 03, 2009

We Were Having a Ball!

As we watched this video, Cooper repeated everything he said on the video. Pretty cute if you ask me.