Saturday, November 07, 2009

Just Being Silly

You Break It, We Fix It!

Handy Manny has become a favorite show at our house....

He Is So My Son!

Sam: What kind of truck is that?

Mommy: UPS

Sam: Oh Mommy, did he bring us some clothes?

Mommy: NO, we are on a budget and Mommy doesn't shop.

Sam: But I NEEEEED a firetruck shirt.

Expanding Vocabulary & 18 Month Stats

Pumpy-kee-patch = Pumpkin
Sam = Sam
Hot dog = Mickey Mouse
Manny = Handy Manny
Touchdown = Touchdown Huskers!

Grand Finally!

"I want a book."

Weight: 30 pounds 95%
Height: 32 inches 50%