Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Batman aka Sam

Buzz aka Cooper

Sunday, October 03, 2010


Cooper is better told in pictures, I chose some that show so much of his personality! He is such a fun kid!
We are working on potty-training -but he's pretty much letting us know that this will be done on his terms!!

Since You've Been Gone...Sam

Oh wait, that's me that has been gone. For tooooo long I may add!

Sam started PreK back in August. It's been quite the adventure, for me - not him. The first day brought some tears (that was both of us), that day was torture! I took the day off and kept Cooper home with me for a distraction. I think most of the day Cooper was looking at me like - MOM your are crazy. And then when I picked him up he told me he had a GREAT day and has been excited to go back ever since. Thanks Sam!
I have also found a few opportunities to find out how he is doing.

Way #1: Email teacher to ask about how to fill Sam's lunch ticket, throw in at the end - how's he doing. Response: He's doing awesome! He's a joy to have in class.

Way #2: Back to school night. The teacher had asked for a dollar for some project. I didn't have a dollar, but I got in line anyway. When it was my turn - How's Sam doing, he tells me he never plays with any of his friends (basically needing to hear he wasn't a loner). Response: He plays with his friends, he's doing great.

Way #3: This one could be classified as a Mommy Faux Pa - I saw Sam's teacher at Target (SCORE she knows where to shop) and said Hi, how's your Saturday...and then it just came out - How's he doing? Response - He's doing great he is a well rounded child the type you want to have at least one of each year!

I'm convinced, he's doing okay. But I can't wait for Student Teacher Conferences in a few weeks, I'm going to ask her how I'm doing!