Friday, December 31, 2010

Does The Sleigh Stay On The Roof?

This is what Sam asked me as we were getting ready to take a nap. I answered, yes.

Sam: So Santa brings the carrots back up there then?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just a few funnies...

Sam: I wish it could be Christmas all year long and we never have to take down our Christmas Decorations.

Me: I don't.

Cooper: Shhhh....Sam you are going to wake me up.

I know there are way more, and when they say them I think how funny they are. So funny that I could never forget what they said. Well, I forgot.


Brought to you in 3D

Christmas Showing..

Decking...And Christmas thing doing....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Batman aka Sam

Buzz aka Cooper

Sunday, October 03, 2010


Cooper is better told in pictures, I chose some that show so much of his personality! He is such a fun kid!
We are working on potty-training -but he's pretty much letting us know that this will be done on his terms!!

Since You've Been Gone...Sam

Oh wait, that's me that has been gone. For tooooo long I may add!

Sam started PreK back in August. It's been quite the adventure, for me - not him. The first day brought some tears (that was both of us), that day was torture! I took the day off and kept Cooper home with me for a distraction. I think most of the day Cooper was looking at me like - MOM your are crazy. And then when I picked him up he told me he had a GREAT day and has been excited to go back ever since. Thanks Sam!
I have also found a few opportunities to find out how he is doing.

Way #1: Email teacher to ask about how to fill Sam's lunch ticket, throw in at the end - how's he doing. Response: He's doing awesome! He's a joy to have in class.

Way #2: Back to school night. The teacher had asked for a dollar for some project. I didn't have a dollar, but I got in line anyway. When it was my turn - How's Sam doing, he tells me he never plays with any of his friends (basically needing to hear he wasn't a loner). Response: He plays with his friends, he's doing great.

Way #3: This one could be classified as a Mommy Faux Pa - I saw Sam's teacher at Target (SCORE she knows where to shop) and said Hi, how's your Saturday...and then it just came out - How's he doing? Response - He's doing great he is a well rounded child the type you want to have at least one of each year!

I'm convinced, he's doing okay. But I can't wait for Student Teacher Conferences in a few weeks, I'm going to ask her how I'm doing!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Sam: Moooooooooom, I'm all done pooping.

Mommy: You can't start prek until you know how to wipe your own bottom.

Sam: I do, at school. But you do at home.

Mommy: How long have you at school?

Sam: A long time. This long (big arms).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cooper and His Posse!

Look Mom, No Cavities!

Sam LOVES, yes LOVES, going to the dentist!

Muscle Man!

Come Here Often??

Wow, I just realized it's been about 2 months since I stopped by. I keep thinking I should retire this blog so I don't feel guilty for my lack of updates. But, then again - I have some cute pictures and what I think are clever sayings to post. So I guess if it takes me 2 months to do it - so be it!

So, what's been going on around here? Sam is officially registered to start Pre-K at the "big school" and he should he did turn the big 4! I love this kid, what can I say! The things he can come up with just amaze me!

Cooper, officially acting like a 2 year old is Mr. Personality! I love him! He is stubborn and mean, but the sweetest boy you will ever meet. Seems funny that I can say that all in the same sentence but it's true. If you know him - you know it is!

Brotherly bond is stronger than ever! They really are best buds, just what we hoped would happen. They love to play and miss each other when they aren't together. My favorite time is at night after they go to bed. I hear them in their laughing and talking. Melts my heart, I can't even be mad that they won't go to sleep - it's just too sweet!

Well, I haven't completely got over my writers block, so I will just post some pictures and hopefully write more later. Thanks for sticking with me!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Story. By, Samuel Williams

Once upon a time I had a balloon. Mommy let it fly away. I miss my balloon so much. It's probably with God. No, it's with Santa he's higher than God. I miss my balloon.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Soocer Season Number One

In a nutshell - Sam had a ton of fun. He loved his Coach and enjoyed going and running. Sam is so sweet natured that he had trouble kicking the ball. Why? Because "Mommy I don't want to kick the ball away from them, they may cry." So sweet!!!
I also learned even at 3 year old soccer, you already have crazy sport parents! Sometimes the games got a little intense.
Our team of 3-year olds got creamed got each time! You don't keep score at these games, but believe me - we got creamed :o).
By far, his favorite part of the season - the team party at the park! We are going to wait a little while before we do another sports activity - but can't wait for it!!!! So proud of my Sam!

Some of My Favorite Cooper Phrases

Go in Time Out Sam!

O-Tay Mommy.

Okay, I be right there.

I wuv you mommy.

Group hug.

Alright Mommy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cooper's 2 Year Stats

Weight: 33.6 pounds - 94%
Height: 35.5 inches - 76%

He had a good appointment. The doctor gave us some advise on biting, which was he knows he can get away with it at school. UGH! We have to catch him the act at home - and hope that is brother will tell us he did it :o).

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Beautiful is Gone

Our flowers are dead, the babies ruined them. The beautiful is gone.

This was what Sam told one of his teachers about the flowers the class planted on the playground.

Later that day that teacher told another teacher about the conversation. She let her know that the baby that ruined them was his brother.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today you are TWO!

Here you were ONE!

And two years ago you entered the world!! Couldn't imagine it without you!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cooper Jakob!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today soccer consisted of running and letting the ball roll right by. When I asked why he doesn't kick it he said "they don't kick it to me." Silly - you are suppose to kick it away from them. He also enjoys making his friends laugh out there too. I even saw some hugs during the game.

The Grandparents are coming next weekend, I think they are going to enjoy watching one of Sam's games!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I love how close Sam and Cooper are. This is a picture of them at school, Sam always goes to the window when he is outside to say hi. Saying goodbye is never easy though. Today when I picked them up both of their classes were playing outside and they were playing together. I hope they love each other like this forever!! Sniff sniff...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Remember..The Best Is Yet To Come...Dessert!

Anothe Wedding Picture....

Future Beckham??

Who Couldn't Be Happy With These Kids??

Doing the Duck Dance

Da na na na na na na. Da na na na na na. Da na na na na na na quack quack quack quack.
insert tune to The Chicken Dance

Come Here Often?

Oh, hi. Yeah - I am back. It's been over a month. Geeeeeesh!

What's going on in the Williams' household. Well, let's see. Cooper will be two in..wait for it...18 days. He is so smart for his age - and I am totally not saying that because I am his Mom. He can count to ten in English and Spanish. He knows his primary colors - red, green, blue and yellow. He also talks in full sentences, sometimes you may not understand him, but I hear the pauses that make the words he is saying sentences.

"I did it"
"No Sam"
"Where is Daddy"
"Sam? Sam? Sam?"
"No, Mommy do it"

Cooper loves to do everything himself. In fact, tonight we went to Target (it was some Cooper and Mommy time - I will let you know where Sam was in a minute) and Cooper wanted to put the cookies on the thingy that you put your groceries on before checkout. Well, I tried to help him and he yelled. He got them up there and I moved them and he yelled. I gave them back and he put them back. We were okay after that but the guy behind me had a smirk on his face. The same guy whispered something to his wife as I tried to convince Cooper to put on his jacket because it was raining and Cooper WOULD NOT put it on. He didn't wear it. No idea what the guy could have been saying. I am sorry, sometimes it is easier to pick my battles. We parked close.

So anyway, yes, he likes to do everything himself. Cooper is a little rough, I always want to tell him to be a lover not a biter. For awhile there we had bite reports almost everyday! I was like I so have that kid. He's getting better and is really a sweet boy. He still has his blonde hair and blue eyes and I promise that makes up for anything else. I love when he runs up and gives me kisses and says "I love you Mommy, drive safe" every morning before he goes to school. Speaking of school, he is in the two year old room and doing great.

Sam started soccer and is learning to listen to his coach, kick the ball and play on a team. He seems to enjoy it. Tonight was extra special because he just went with Daddy and they had an ice cream cone after.

Sam is a very simple and complex kid (yes I used both of those words to describe him). He likes things in order and scheduled. If we go off of his schedule - we have issues. Change is not his friend. But we are working on that and I think he is getting better. The thing about Sam is just have to be upfront with him. He wants to know why, when, where and how for EVERYTHING. But if you tell him something like at soccer you listen to your coach, run and kick the ball. He repeats it and says okay. And when he gets there that is basically what he does.

Sam has tried to push his limits by talking back. He doesn't quite get it.
Mommy: Sam, go put your toys away.
Sam: No, YOU put your toys away.
Mommy: Sam go potty.
Sam: No you go potty.

So yeah, he doesn't quite get it. But what that means to me - he is quick with a comeback. That will come in handy one day.

Sam will be 4 in July - can NOT believe that. He is ready to "be bigger". I am not ready for that. I make sure to ask him if he will always love me as much as he does and he always says "yes."

Dave and I have been working like crazy! We are trying to get in shape and eat better. BORING. But that may explain why I am never on here. We are also getting ready to start some home improvement projects. Busy Busy!!!

So there is my update. If I would come on here more often I would probably have so much more to say. I am going to make a point to try and update at least once a month.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Look...Up in the Sky!

It's Cooper Man! Ask him his name and he'll tell you the same :o)

Always Room For Dessert

Cooper is going through a "stage." He will not eat dinner but always has room for dessert! I guess I shouldn't let him have dessert if he doesn't eat dinner. But I think he is too young to understand that concept.


Monday, January 25, 2010


Mommy: Cooper, did you bite your friends?
Cooper: Din-Da-Saur bite
Mommy: Did Cooper bite?
Cooper: No bite Din-Da-Saur
Mommy: Cooper no bite either
Cooper: Smile

Sunday, January 24, 2010