Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Future MVP

As Said By Sam

"Is that a good idea?"
"I got out of the car perfectly yesterday."
"I just have one question, Mommy. Okay, Mommy are you listening?"
"I don't want to eat dinner if you give me that green stuff (broccoli)."
"I love my little brother, I want to sleep in his bed."

Monday, December 28, 2009

21 Months...in a few days

Cooper will be 21 months in a few days! And I haven't been doing my Mom duty and keeping everyone up to date. EEEK!

  • Inherited the gift to gab from Mommy and Brother
  • Likes to crawl in bed with Mommy and Daddy before brother wakes up
  • Wants to do everything his brother does
  • Completely Lovable!

  • "Mommy come here", "Help", "I did it!" and "here Mommy" - Just a few phrases

  • Independent
  • Loves trucks and cars
  • Jumps with help
  • Loves COOKIES, but hates dinner

  • Thinks art is cool
  • Can point to arm, back, leg, tummy, elbow, mouth, nose and eyes/ears (he points to his ears when we say eyes)
  • Can nod his head yes
  • Tells us what he wants

Chapstick please....

All I Want for Christmas is a Leafblower

Santa had it kind of easy this year :o)

Twas The Night Before Christmas...

A very cliche tradition.
I am trying to come up with a "Williams Family Tradition" at Christmas. It's kind of difficult as we came from two very different ways of going about the Holiday. I started one, which is having Dave read "Twas The Night Before Christmas", but who doesn't read that?
I am going to keep trying....it may take a few years..but I am gonna try.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Happy Pictures


Well, what did you expect?

I will admit, I am kinda of crazy about schedules. I have always been this way, we must plan. And anyway, any baby book or website will tell you kids like it to. My kids are no exception to the rule. They have a routine and by golly we are good at it. Now, this means that we have to be home by 7:00 PM every night, including weekends - and any afternoon plans need to be before 1:00 PM or after 3:00 PM. But for the most part I have happy kids who take naps and go to bed pretty good. So, why would I have expected a magical trip? Why would I have thought that taking them out of their routine and driving 3.5 hours, walking around shopping and not having a "house" to go to would have been so great? Because of course a 3 year old and 1.5 year old would be like:
Cool MOM and DAD! This is awesome - we get to be in the car in our car seats and then we stop eat lunch get bundled up to the point we can barely move our arms and walk around in the freezing cold. And when you figured out that wasn't a great idea, we yet again get in the car and drive to a REALLY fun place, or so you said. We couldn't go because we drove around around the parking garage and saw way too many people to make it worth getting out. We drove by a HUGE tree with fun looking toys all around it and fountains. And then we get an early check in to our hotel that has a ton of doors and you can run in circles around the room and slam the doors. So fun! Who needs a nap - lets just keep going. Then take us BACK out in the cold and walk a mile decide it's time to eat and find out we have to wait 45 minutes when all we want is McDonalds....This is SO FUN! Now we will walk a mile back to the Hotel while you threaten to call Santa every two minutes. Bring us back to the hotel room and say we are eating cereal for dinner. Then we decide to go back out and eat dinner (not cereal) at the place right near our hotel because Mom was sad that we had to eat cereal.
I chalk this up as a rookie mistake and next year they will go to their Aunts house! Sam fell asleep finally - at the dinner table! You appreciate your parents soooo much more when you get older and have your own kids :o). With all that happen, the good thing is we had our adventure as a family and we have memories of it! I only took happy pictures! When we woke up to drive home, we were all smiles again - but couldn't get out of there quick enough!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Here We Are In Texas...

We spent our, sniff sniff, last Thanksgiving in Texas this year. Grandma and Grandpa are moving to a warmer place. Florida.

Christmas Show

This year both of our boys were in the Christmas Show. Cooper's class did jingle bells, he practiced by shaking everything. And when he got up there he shook those bells like a PRO!! He loves his friends and teachers at school. We do too :o)

Sam's class did Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. They started practicing in August!!! Sam was ready to perform. He sang the loudest in his class and got up and spoke in the microphone..twice. He still continues to perform for us. His stage? The couch.

Our Tree is THIIIIIS Tall


Cooper loves to call trees, lights and anything else Christmasy "Treats". He is a treat to me this year that is for sure!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Just Being Silly

You Break It, We Fix It!

Handy Manny has become a favorite show at our house....

He Is So My Son!

Sam: What kind of truck is that?

Mommy: UPS

Sam: Oh Mommy, did he bring us some clothes?

Mommy: NO, we are on a budget and Mommy doesn't shop.

Sam: But I NEEEEED a firetruck shirt.

Expanding Vocabulary & 18 Month Stats

Pumpy-kee-patch = Pumpkin
Sam = Sam
Hot dog = Mickey Mouse
Manny = Handy Manny
Touchdown = Touchdown Huskers!

Grand Finally!

"I want a book."

Weight: 30 pounds 95%
Height: 32 inches 50%

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Pumpkin Tradition

It never fails. Every year at the Pumpkin Patch, we along with all the other Mommies and Daddies are hoping for the most awesome Fall pictures. We all have our cameras in hand trying to get that perfect pose of our child/children with a pumpkin. You can tell that most kids are even dressed in pumpkin patch attire. Mine were, you just can't see it because they had to wear jackets. I didn't catch that perfect pose this year. In fact, I don't think I have ever caught that perfect pose. I wonder, whatever happen to going to the Pumpkin Patch to buy pumpkins? Children these days will never have to try to hard to keep a memory, I am sure their parents have a picture of it for them. I know I do.

With that being said, here is my "photo shoot"

Since You've Been Gone...

Oh wait, I have been gone. I wonder if I still have any followers. I sometimes consider stopping my blog, but that is just nonsense. I hope that one day my boys can pull this blog up and show their kids what they were like. So if it is sporadic at times, then it is.

Cooper was baptized last weekend, I am glad we survived the service. If it were anyone else's kids I would have smiled and thought awwwwww, sweet peas. But it was mine, and I thought I was going to pull my hair out. In the end we accomplished what we wanted. But not without a fight. The Pastor will normally hold the child in front of the Congregation, he opt'd out with Cooper. Hey, we warned him. That boy has independence and determination like you wouldn't believe. He will never let him tell anyone it can't be done. I admire him for that. Yes, I admire my one year old :o).

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Sam: Mommy, I want to be Santa for Halloween.
Mommy: But I already bought you Flash.
Sam: So, I changed my mind.

I believe Sam is obsessed with Christmas. Originally he wanted to be a snowman, but I changed his mind. Now, Santa.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pretty Lucky!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get away. Away = No kids, husband or work. All of which I enjoy, but a break is good.

Let's see, I slept in and watched what I wanted on TV. When I went out for dinner all I worried about was what I wanted to order and did not have to feed anyone else. I also discovered there is so much more at the mall then I remember and it reminded me why I love shopping. I walked on the beach and got some sun by the pool.

Best of all, I got to spend time with my Sister and Gramma (that is not a misspelling, she spells her name that way)!!

I recommend this for any Mom! But, warning when you get back reality sets in again and your kids are more worried about what you got them than seeing you.

I love my hectic life! For real!!!!!!

A Few Things You Should Know About Sam

Sam loves to make anyone laugh! The picture above demonstrates that.

We have real conversations. Heck, he probably knows more words than I do!

Whenever his brother is throwing a fit, he is quick to come to his defense. "His mouth probably hurts Mommy!"

He loves Target, I did good.

He understands that clothes that arrive on the front porch were ordered from the Internet.

He only likes to find the letter "S" when they hunt letters at school. However, yesterday he offered to find C.

A Few Things You Should Know About Cooper

Above, is Cooper's concentrating face. He does this when ever he is thinking. So, basically he does it often.

Cooper also for the longest time called every beverage juice, even milk. Now he calls every beverage milk, even juice.

Cooper always called me Daddy and Dave Daddy. Now he calls Me Mommy and Dave Mommy.

Funny kid!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Can You Resist That Smile???

So, what has Cooper been up to? Well, now that he is a year and a HALF, a ton. Life is busy in our house. Cooper is trying (and succeeding) keeping up with big brother. He has added so many new words to his vocabulary. Here is a highlight of my favorites:
  • Cacker (cracker)
  • Mulk (milk)
  • Juuuuush (juice)
  • Git Down (I want up or down)
  • Drive Safe (drive safe)
  • Iloveyou (I love you)
  • Peeesha (pizza)
  • Wyatt (wyatt) - still trying to figure that one out
  • Unkey (monkey)
  • Mine Mine Mine (it's probably Sam's but I want it)
  • Shoes (shoes)
  • Geeets (treats)
  • Mommy (Mommy or Daddy)
He also started running which is a site to see! Adorable. Kisses now come in the form of a fish face and and a smack sound; rather than an open mouth hitting your cheek. Cooper, I must admit is not as much of a Mommy's boy as he is a DADDY'S boy. He wants to be Daddy's best buddy. But funny thing, when his Daddy leaves he yells Mommy. He use to call us both Daddy?? Maybe a little confusion.

Dinner, not high on the priority list for Cooper. Well, unless it is chicken nuggets, corn on the cob or pancakes. Sometimes we can sneak a corn dog in there. We think he is okay, not starving.

Naps are down to one and it isn't without a fight. But he still goes to a bed like a pro. When we say ready for night night he grabs his "b" (blanket) and heads to his REALLY BIG BOY bed. Cooper sleeps on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds he shares with his brother. Last night; however, I found him sleeping soundly in the hallway. Almost wonder if he sleep walk. Dave use to sleep walk. I still sleep shop (or at least that is what I tell Dave).

Cooper is in ahhh of his big brother. I love their little relationship. They really take care of each other. I hope they stay the best of buds for a long time!

Here in a week or so we have our 18 month appointment. But I can tell you his weight, 31 pounds. His brother, 33.


They Are Probably Updating Our Status

I Should Really Teach Them To Update This Blog

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


To keep you coming around while I try to think of something creative to post.

Friday, August 28, 2009

There Was a Car on the Grass

Sam: Mommy, are we going to drive on the grass?

Mommy: No. We don't drive on the grass.

S: Lawnmowers drive on the grass.

M: Yes.

S: Firetrucks drive on the grass.

M: Sometimes.

S: Uncle Rick drives on the grass with two wheels.

M: He does?

I Don't Care if It's a One Seater

After this picture, Sam decided to climb out the window. Cooper decided to also, only the car toppled over with him. Thankfully no one got hurt.

Cooper has the funniest personality! That boy does not care who you are or how old you are you better not mess with him. And if you don't want to share then you better just be ready to run :o).

But he also carries his blanket around the house and sometimes even takes it out to dinner, to the store or school.

Monday, August 24, 2009


In an effort to maintain my reputation of "impulse shopper", we bought the boys bunk beds over the weekend. We got a really good deal on the bunk beds themselves, but may have been suckered into over priced colorful mattresses. But enough about that....

We are also redoing the colors of the room, which Dave began last night. Which met that Cooper couldn't sleep in his crib. We took the mattress out and put him and Sam in the toy room. The picture above is how I found Cooper when I went to check on him. Hope he stays on his big boy bed!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Give Credit When Credit Deserved

Today Cooper came into the kitchen to throw a wrapper away. I said "good job Cooper", and Sam responded from the other room:
"I told him to do that Mommy".

Boo Boo

I discovered Cooper knew a new word.

After yesterday's ordeal at Urgent Care which consisted of 3 attempts to give and IV and one shot he had 4 bandaids.

When Cooper got home he would come to me as he discovered them and say "boo boo" and have me take them off.

So that is the new word boo boo.

Brotherly Love at It's Finest

Let me start this story with Saturday afternoon. I took both boys up to a bounce place to meet a friend and her son Caleb. This place had jupiter jumps galore and across the street was a McDonald's. Sam saw that right off and told his friend Caleb he wanted to go there after they jumped. Sam and Caleb had a blast and Cooper just wondered around the place checking it out. But wasn't quite himself. When I picked him up toward the end he was burning up! I thought wow that is some major teething we got going on. We headed to McD's and each boy got a happy meal. I don't think any of the boys ate; Sam and Caleb because they were too interested in other things and Cooper because he looked like a pathetic little sick boy :o(. We left.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Cooper woke up with a fever despite the Motrin we were giving him around the clock. Then he refused to eat blueberry muffins. We got him to drink a capri-sun but he threw it up (along with some milk that must have been in his tummy). YUCK. I decided with his high fever and that he couldn't keep juice down we needed to go to Urgent Care. They opened at 9:30, we got there at 9:35 and it was PACKED! It took Cooper throwing up in the waiting room at around 11:00 to finally get called back. They had no rooms available so we were put in a room with a nice cozy recliner, a VCR (yes they still make those) and a lot of books. I know, I know what does any of this have to do with brotherly love?? Well, when the nurse came back to take Cooper's vitals she said they needed to go weigh him. Sam and I stayed while Dave took Cooper. Cooper did not like getting weighed (I don't either) and was screaming. Sam promptly got up and said I will go make sure he is okay!!! I stopped him. Then the doctor came in and had to listen to Cooper and made Cooper upset and then asked for symptoms. We gave them. Apparently left one out, because Same said "Mommy don't forget to tell her he wouldn't McDonald's". The doctor said she wasn't sure what was wrong but they needed to do a chest xray, an IV, flu test, strep test and some lab work. Cooper was balling and Sam had a look of concern while we waited outside the room while he got the flu and strep test. I decided it would be best to take Sam home for a bit. Sam wouldn't talk the drive home and then wouldn't eat when we got him. He started crying and I asked what was wrong and he said "my Cooper". I said well let's get some clothes for him and go back. Sam then proceeded to get Cooper's favorite books, a toy saw (he said Cooper needed it) and one of his favorite b's (blankies) since Cooper threw up on his own. . Dave said it was going to be awhile so I called Sam's Elizabeth to come watch him and while we were waiting we brought brother his stuff. They still hadn't go the IV in Cooper when we got there and couldn't draw any blood either. Poor guy probably felt like a pin cushion. We dropped the stuff off and I took Sam home. When I got back Cooper was laying with his Daddy holding on to that saw for dear life. Sam must have known that the saw was the best thing.
We got home and Sam was so happy to see his brother, who thankfully did not have to get the IV because they couldn't find a vein. Instead he got some anti nausea medicine and Tylenol which brought the fever down and helped him drink something without throwing up. Later that night Sam started running a fever too and I said he needed to drink juice. Cooper promptly got up and brought Sam his capri-sun he was having earlier.

I had to blog this memory!

Saturday, August 15, 2009