Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well, what did you expect?

I will admit, I am kinda of crazy about schedules. I have always been this way, we must plan. And anyway, any baby book or website will tell you kids like it to. My kids are no exception to the rule. They have a routine and by golly we are good at it. Now, this means that we have to be home by 7:00 PM every night, including weekends - and any afternoon plans need to be before 1:00 PM or after 3:00 PM. But for the most part I have happy kids who take naps and go to bed pretty good. So, why would I have expected a magical trip? Why would I have thought that taking them out of their routine and driving 3.5 hours, walking around shopping and not having a "house" to go to would have been so great? Because of course a 3 year old and 1.5 year old would be like:
Cool MOM and DAD! This is awesome - we get to be in the car in our car seats and then we stop eat lunch get bundled up to the point we can barely move our arms and walk around in the freezing cold. And when you figured out that wasn't a great idea, we yet again get in the car and drive to a REALLY fun place, or so you said. We couldn't go because we drove around around the parking garage and saw way too many people to make it worth getting out. We drove by a HUGE tree with fun looking toys all around it and fountains. And then we get an early check in to our hotel that has a ton of doors and you can run in circles around the room and slam the doors. So fun! Who needs a nap - lets just keep going. Then take us BACK out in the cold and walk a mile decide it's time to eat and find out we have to wait 45 minutes when all we want is McDonalds....This is SO FUN! Now we will walk a mile back to the Hotel while you threaten to call Santa every two minutes. Bring us back to the hotel room and say we are eating cereal for dinner. Then we decide to go back out and eat dinner (not cereal) at the place right near our hotel because Mom was sad that we had to eat cereal.
I chalk this up as a rookie mistake and next year they will go to their Aunts house! Sam fell asleep finally - at the dinner table! You appreciate your parents soooo much more when you get older and have your own kids :o). With all that happen, the good thing is we had our adventure as a family and we have memories of it! I only took happy pictures! When we woke up to drive home, we were all smiles again - but couldn't get out of there quick enough!!

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