Monday, December 28, 2009

21 a few days

Cooper will be 21 months in a few days! And I haven't been doing my Mom duty and keeping everyone up to date. EEEK!

  • Inherited the gift to gab from Mommy and Brother
  • Likes to crawl in bed with Mommy and Daddy before brother wakes up
  • Wants to do everything his brother does
  • Completely Lovable!

  • "Mommy come here", "Help", "I did it!" and "here Mommy" - Just a few phrases

  • Independent
  • Loves trucks and cars
  • Jumps with help
  • Loves COOKIES, but hates dinner

  • Thinks art is cool
  • Can point to arm, back, leg, tummy, elbow, mouth, nose and eyes/ears (he points to his ears when we say eyes)
  • Can nod his head yes
  • Tells us what he wants

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