Monday, July 25, 2011

3 month update!

I should really come around here more than every 3 months. After all, the hope is that one day my boys will read this and know all about their childhood. I figure between this and the ridiculous amount of pictures I take, we will have it covered. But a picture, while worth a 1,000 words, can't replace the words. And I find myself at a loss to even put words out here sometimes. Maybe it's because I have two very active boys that love my attention. And when they go to bed at night, I want to have some me time. Selfish? No! Needed? Yes! But Dave keeps telling me to update this blog, and I keep telling him I'm going to retire it. He still wins.

Cooper is 3 and still has a mind of his own! He must do everything himself and will even go the extent of recreating a scenario, just so he can do it himself. Example, this morning he wanted to get me my umbrella and his brother got it first. He took that umbrella and put it back where it was and then got it for me. He does this often, with drinks, his b's (blanket), toys and pretty much anything else he decided to do himself. His famous words are "I don't need help!" I actually love this about him! He's very independent. I just wish the independence shared a few more hugs and kisses. They say kids are different, and in the aspect they really are. I have to tell him I'll wipe the kiss of just to get one! And hugs, I steal those. I don't really wipe the kisses off and never give his hugs back either. He loves going to school and has some good friends already. Cali and Brock are his bff's. We call them the 3 amigos. We go dancing and to the water park with them often. They are so cute together! And, to me this is weird. But I have a 3 year old that is obsessed with mustard!! I love this boy more and more everyday!

Sam is a very grown 5 year old, that still (Thank GOD!) needs his Mommy :o). This summer he has had some firsts, that to me keep reminding me that he's growing up. He went to Church Camp (it wasn't overnight - but it was every night for a wee) and loved it. He showed a lot more confidence than I had ever seen. He is swimming and is going to start playing soccer next month. He's also going to start kindergarten next month. OMG!! Sam enjoys his role as a big brother, and I see him setting a good example for his brother. I don't have to wipe off kisses or steal hugs from him. And he seems to know when I need one too! Sam, does not like mustard. He loves ketchup and ranch (mixed together).

We have gone on a few trips. One was a weekend trip to Dallas so I could get my In and Out Burger fix and then we also went on a real family vacation. We spent a full week together along with my sister and her family and my parents. AWESOME is all I can say. I want the boys to have these memories. They had a blast swimming and eating chips whenever they wanted (that was my mistake, I said on vacation you can eat chips whenever and they took that literally - I actually did too).

I'm going to try and stop by more often. I'll post some pictures soon!