Friday, September 25, 2009

Can You Resist That Smile???

So, what has Cooper been up to? Well, now that he is a year and a HALF, a ton. Life is busy in our house. Cooper is trying (and succeeding) keeping up with big brother. He has added so many new words to his vocabulary. Here is a highlight of my favorites:
  • Cacker (cracker)
  • Mulk (milk)
  • Juuuuush (juice)
  • Git Down (I want up or down)
  • Drive Safe (drive safe)
  • Iloveyou (I love you)
  • Peeesha (pizza)
  • Wyatt (wyatt) - still trying to figure that one out
  • Unkey (monkey)
  • Mine Mine Mine (it's probably Sam's but I want it)
  • Shoes (shoes)
  • Geeets (treats)
  • Mommy (Mommy or Daddy)
He also started running which is a site to see! Adorable. Kisses now come in the form of a fish face and and a smack sound; rather than an open mouth hitting your cheek. Cooper, I must admit is not as much of a Mommy's boy as he is a DADDY'S boy. He wants to be Daddy's best buddy. But funny thing, when his Daddy leaves he yells Mommy. He use to call us both Daddy?? Maybe a little confusion.

Dinner, not high on the priority list for Cooper. Well, unless it is chicken nuggets, corn on the cob or pancakes. Sometimes we can sneak a corn dog in there. We think he is okay, not starving.

Naps are down to one and it isn't without a fight. But he still goes to a bed like a pro. When we say ready for night night he grabs his "b" (blanket) and heads to his REALLY BIG BOY bed. Cooper sleeps on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds he shares with his brother. Last night; however, I found him sleeping soundly in the hallway. Almost wonder if he sleep walk. Dave use to sleep walk. I still sleep shop (or at least that is what I tell Dave).

Cooper is in ahhh of his big brother. I love their little relationship. They really take care of each other. I hope they stay the best of buds for a long time!

Here in a week or so we have our 18 month appointment. But I can tell you his weight, 31 pounds. His brother, 33.


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