Monday, September 22, 2008

Well that was NOT fun.

We are home. I would show you a picture to show you all parts are in tact, but the battery died on my camera when I went to download. So now I need to charge it for a few hours and hope the doesn't meet any new milestones that would be picture worthy.

But back to this morning. Cooper's test was scheduled for 7:30 AM, we were to get there at 7:15 and no bottle 3 hours before. As told, we arrived at 7:15. And waited...Cooper was a happy boy he was turning his head every time a cart went buy or someone came off the elevator. He was jumping and laughing and 7:30 came and went. Now, they were only about 30 minutes off schedule but at 7:40 Cooper was like where in the heck is my bottle? And the tears started. And we waited. They finally came and got us about 8:00 and instead of telling me what a happy baby I had (which I did at 7:30) they asked is he a fussy baby? Well, right now, yes. He is hungry. Strapping him to a board to get a before picture didn't help. Then waiting for the x-ray tech to come didn't help. Getting the contrast material going (NOT through his mouth) really didn't help. He screamed and screamed. They did the test and of course can't tell us the results but let's just say there was a lot of poop in there. They showed us his colon spasming and said that is really painful. My poor baby! They said we needed to come back in the morning for a picture to make sure all of the contrast material is moving out. I will be more than happy to spend today changing his diapers if it cleans him out. He was happy and playing when we got home and then crashed for a nap.

We will wait for the doctor to call. And I am sure everything is okay, but I still hate waiting.

And Cooper, like your brother this is the closest you will have to a baby book also. But don't be embarrassed that your Mommy posted about this. It is part of your life. And you can hold this against me when you are older and I complain that you are stinking up the house.

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Steph said...

Ok I need to make your blog my home page...I forget to come on here and find out stuff and then feel guilty that I have not been a good friend and giving you positive messages...I'm glad everything came out ok...(no pun intended).
Geez it seems like it's been forever since we've talked!!!!