Monday, July 24, 2006

My First Blog..this one is a bit long!

This is Samuel Cade. He arrived on July 12, 2006. I planned on doing this blog him from day one but it wasn't that easy. Samuel had quite the week! Samuel decided to arrive 5 weeks early, which came as a surprise to everyone! He was healthy, had a bit trouble breathing at first but that was corrected with-in hours!He was born on a Wednesday and went home from the hospital on Friday...we had an interesting first weekend home. Samuel slept a lot! We thought wow, what a good baby! He doesn't even wake up during the night. And did I mention he had a really good tan??? Well the following Tuesday when Samuel went to the doctor we found out that Samuel wasn't tan, he was yellow!! The doctor did blood tests and called that night to admit Samuel to the hospital for jaundice. Mommy was devistated!! He went in that evening and then came home the next day. Well Thursday we went back to the doctor and found out Samuel was a bit lazy-he would take an hour to eat 2 oz! This concerned the doctor, so back to the hospital! The doctor wanted to monitor his eating and was considering a feeding tube to give him what he didn't eat! Samuel went in Thursday and ate like a champ! We then went home Friday. We made it through the weekend Samuel went to the doctor today and gained 3.5 oz!!!! Woo Hoo Samuel!! So now we can start life as a family! Samuel has 25 minutes to eat and eats every 3 hours. He pees out of his diaper and sleeps. So this is what being a mother is about. Doing laundry and worrying about him eating at least 2 oz in 25 minutes every 3 hours! I love it!! Will write more later..and probably not as much.


Don Diego said...

Wait until he is 6 and you wont be able to keep the fridge full.

Dave and I will teach our young padowon well.

BEER BY 8years old.

B'Sue said...

Welcome to motherhood.
Listen to everyone's advise and then follow your instincts. Except the doctor of course, they will be the your solice.