Thursday, April 12, 2007

9 Months Old!

9 months old and you woke up with a rash, runny nose and cough :o). But we are pros now, so all should be fine. Started the breathing treatments today. Your rash is eczema at least that is what the doctor said on Monday. The above picture was at the request of your great grandma. She said when you turned 9 months old she wanted a picture of you in your diaper....sorry about the rash. But as I took the pictures it hit me, you are getting bigger! I mean like taller and really mobile. I can only be thankful that I have probably took a picture everyday of your life so far, so when I miss something I can just look back. But that still doesn't make it better, I can't help but miss the times when you would just let me hold you and didn't care to play or roll.

You aren't crawling yet, which what I have been told his a good thing but you are still rolling. As I see it, why crawl when you can roll. You LOVE gerber puffs. We can not even give them to you before you have your real "food" because you won't eat your real "food". You laugh all the time, what is the current thing that makes you crack up. Mommy yawning. And, actually I do that a lot. This week I started to teach you sign language. Only one word right now, "more". I chose "more" because you think the way you say "more" is to scream at me and open your mouth. So I do the sign for more and say it. Tonight you started smiling when I did it so I think you may get it. We are going to take a class. Your Aunt Jode thinks I am crazy, ok I am a little crazy. But maybe you can meet some friends and you and the other babies can quietly sign together while me and the Mommies exchange stories and drink coffee. Ok, I think we can agree with Aunt Jode. I am crazy.

You are doing wonderful with your helmet. I can see improvement so I don't think you will be in it too long. You look super cute in it. And is actually kind of useful. Like when you roll on the tile or dive head first off of your dad's lap.

When you aren't eating puffs, you are still eating stage 2 foods. You aren't really into stage 3 (they really are kind of yucky). You also eat a little of what we have for dinner. Like pork or pancakes. Tonight we had nachos and you didn't have any. According to the paper from doctor you can't have chips until you are 1 year old.

It is hard to believe that in just 3 months you will be one. I really need to get started on planning that party :o).

We love you SOOOOO much. You would not believe how much you alone can make Mommy and Daddy so happy. We even fight over who gets to hold you :o).

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