Tuesday, November 06, 2007

All Done

Samuel had his surgery this morning and did wonderful. He had a rough time when he woke up, trying for fight the anesthesia. They learned quickly that he is a breathe holder when he gets mad. I guess his face turned blue! So I am glad I didn't see that. It was interesting to see how much his oxygen really does drop on the monitors when he does that. We usually blow on his face to get him breathing again.

Samuel made a friend before his surgery. His name was Cooper. They were running up and down the halls having a blast. Cooper even gave Samuel a hug and kiss. So wishing I brought my camera.


starfishrose said...

We're so happy you're doing fine.

We love you, Grandma and Grandpa

tucsontootsie said...

Glad everything is going fine. Kept watching for this post. Take care. I'll keep watching for updates. Linda Morrison (if your mom can be known as starfishrose I am the tucsontootsie)

rachella said...
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rachella said...

I am glad he is ok. Your sister told me he had it done. I knew he was going to have them taken out, but didn't know when.