Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lunch conversation gone bad...

I had lunch with my coworkers the other day and suddenly the conversation went south. There was a long pause and to fill the silence - I spouted out my potty training whoas. Yep, I said the word poopy and all. I talked about how Samuel ran away from me at Old Navy the other night and told me to go away because he was pooping (yes I got those stares every mom hates from people around). Or how he hides when he poops at home. I also told them how the two times he did go poopy in the toilet we sang about "poopy land".

I then realized that if it wasn't for my kids, I would have nothing to talk about! When I am on the phone with my friends I talk kids. When I am in the elevator at work I talk kids. And when I am at lunch I talk kids. And when I have a break during the day, I blog about my kids.

Maybe I need to start talking about politics or something :o).

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