Sunday, February 01, 2009

Month 10 Facts

Hard to believe we are already at month 10, time sure flies when you are having fun. Or chasing you around the house. Either way, it flies.

You are a master crawler, puller upper, jabber, smiler and head bumper. You have a few battle wounds to prove how busy you are.

You are a good combination of a Mommy and Daddy's boy. Whenever your dad comes home or in the room you get all excited and start saying "Da Da Da". You make his day each time you do it. I can get a smile and laugh out of you too.

Puffs, fruits and veggies are your foods of choice. But you really get frustrated to eat any other baby food. We give you table food and you are doing pretty good with it, except sometimes you forget to swallow it. I usually don't figure that out until you sneeze or something an hour later and I get a shower of corn or whatever the food was that day.

You are starting to fit into your role as little brother now. You now scream whenever your brother takes anything away from you. I think that is so you make sure we know what he did. We know. You also like following him around. He takes to his roll too and tries to boss you around and put you in time out.

You have had 4 ear infections in the last month and a half. So we now have an appointment with the ENT doctor for tubes. I hope it helps you feel better and sleep better. Between your ears and teeth you sometimes have pretty rough nights.

You are a pretty big 10 month old, wearing 18-24 months clothes and size 5 or 6 diapers. In fact you fit rather well into your brothers t-shirts. His pants too, but they are a little long.

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