Thursday, April 16, 2009


No, not my children, my blog! I must confess I have been overcome with a new obsession. Facebook. But tonight as I enjoy some quiet time, I decided it was time I updated the blog. And when I am done I will update my status on Facebook.

Calls things "things". I have no idea what the "thing" is which makes him even more frustrated. So a lot of times we spend time naming different things that could be the "thing" he wants. I only get it right 1/2 the time. I am at a desperate point of bribery beyond m&m's. He still is not potty trained. Well, his friends have a tractor and Sam thinks it is really cool. So I told him if he would wear big boy underwear and go poop and potty in the toilet I would buy him a tractor. And I am not talking a little is battery operated and has 2 gears. He was all gung ho, but the next morning he pooped in his diaper. He then offered to go potty, if I went and bought a tractor. Well ,I think I got out of that one. No seriously, will he ever be potty trained??? I am worried he will be in 5th grade wearing pull-ups.

Cute as can be! He got his first haircut and balled. He isn't walking but gets around just fine. I don't know that I am ready for walking. Not that walking would be much different than crawling, but just not ready. I am insisting on keeping a baby as long as I can. Even if he wears a size 5 diaper and 24 month clothes. He is just a big baby. He has fun at school and is over eating baby food. He likes to eat by himself, which means 1. using his hands and 2. half of it going on the floor. I took a video. He loves when we sing songs and always claps when we are done. Cooper also loves his bottle and thinks he needs a couple to get through the night. I still give them to him. I know, my fault.

There I did it. I blogged. Off to facebook now. Hey, Dave is still working and both boys are asleep. Again, neglecting the blog not my kids :o)

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