Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Guilt..Coughs..And Kisses

This post is all over the place.

Guilt: Yesterday someone else discovered that Samuel can practically roll over. My response to that was "I had no idea he could do that!". I get in the car and think, I didn't know this because I work all day and Samuel goes to daycare. I guess this thought goes through all working Moms head at some point.

Cough: Samuel has had this cough for 2 weeks now! We have been to his pediatrician twice and after tonight to Urgent Care once. Each time I hear "he is fine Mom". Ok, yes I know this I just need to hear it because I don't know what "wheezing" sounds like and I do too much research on the Internet. But it is RSV season so I am overall cautious and have no shame with it. The doctor imitated what I need to listen for, so I have my ears open.

Kisses: Now the good news! Samuel learned a new trick. Okay so it sucks that his Mommy and Daddy didn't teach him this, but none the less it is so cool and makes every moment of being a Mommy worth it. If I knew how to post a video I would so show you could see (and besides this new trick is done when Samuel is in the mood which probably won't strike when a video camera is there). Okay, if you give Samuel a kiss on the cheek and then say Samuel give me kisses. He gives you a kiss!!!!! That made me so happy. Miss Tara taught Samuel this. I have got him to do it twice. Daddy still has to see it to believe the mood didn't strike this evening.

6 Days And Counting! Be prepared for a million pictures of Samuel and his first Christmas.

The picture above has nothing to do with anything on this post. Just in case you were trying to piece it together.


Rachella said...

Kisses...that makes the Holidays all the better!! I know I can't believe Sam weighs more than Caleb. I can't believe 70% of all babies weigh more than him. I promise he eats!! haha

Devra said...

Aviva and I have a goal of absolving guilt, one mommy at a time. Today is your turn! Mommy Guilt is normal for all moms regardless of employment status. I know the media would have us believe otherwise and have us warring with one another about who feels the most guilty. Fact is, the emotion wreaks havoc on moms about equally! Even if you didn't know your son could practically roll over, your son didn't know you didn't know. Ya know?

You are correct, all working moms (and all moms!) have guilt chiming in on them all the time. Try not to let it roll all over you and get you bummed!