Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Well, you are 5 months old today. You weigh 17 pounds (we went to the doctor for your first cold, which lucky for all of us is just a cold) and change everyday. Bottle time has become a bit of a challenge since you have decided you need to help hold your bottle. You don't always get the bottle in your mouth. Usually your cheek. We have a lot of fun eating cereal out of the bowl. I don't know what it is but you laugh and laugh. Bedtime keeps getting later every night. Can you believe that tonight you were up until 8:00?? That could be because you kept yourself fascinated with grabbing my mouth and nose for 15 minutes. You are a happy boy! Always smiling and rarely fuss. But who can blame you when you are gassy or tired? I would fuss too. So let's say you never fuss because times like that don't count. Much to my surprise you really have no interest in the Christmas Tree or the 15 presents under there for you (maybe a slight exaggeration). I have a feeling I will be opening all the presents for you. Maybe Daddy should because he may actually be surprised at what they are.

I posted a few of my favorite recent pictures. You take pictures like your Dad, eyes wide open!

We love you!

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Diane said...

awww Happy Birthday Samuel! Is he giggling already? I'm just waiting for Marielle's giant smiles to turn into giggles! I wanted to add your blog to my links list, but wanted to check with you first. Let me know! :)