Tuesday, June 12, 2007

11 Months Big Eyes

Here we are 11 glorious months later! The word of the month is “no”. Did you know that “no” is a game? I didn’t. But it is and it is fun. See it goes like this, Mommy or Daddy say “Samuel NO” and Samuel turns around and smiles at you and moves on. Then he goes back to the “no” object pauses looks at you to say “no” and then proceeds to the “no” object. Oh, this game can go on for hours. This game makes your crave nap time or even invent a new nap time. We love the “no” game at our house.

And it is fun and games. Samuel is starting to understand the concept of a cell phone; he now puts it up to his ear and says Da Da. The remote too, he now changes the channels. He prefers OETA, very educational. He loves his toy kitchen courtesy of Kayla. She out grew it and knew how much Samuel liked playing with the one his Grandma and Grandpa Williams house.

He is crawling all over the place and pulling up on anything he can. He can mess up the house in 2.2 seconds. I am in no hurry for walking. Crawling is enough.

His laugh is contagious and his smile can melt hearts. That is my little Samuel toothless and all. And in one month he will be 1!

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