Saturday, June 09, 2007

Swim Lessons

Samuel started Diaper Dolphins today. He took his Daddy along with him. They played games and sang songs, though I didn’t see Daddy’s mouth moving. I think he is a natural he was kicking his feet like crazy and laughing. One part he didn’t like was climbing out. The teacher said if he can crawl he could get out of the pool. Well, that wasn’t 100% true. Dad helped him out of the water, but he made sure the teacher wasn’t looking. They will have 8 lessons and on the 4th lesson they will put their heads under water! Exciting times.

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Diane said...

that is so fun! I wish they had that here! I don't know how Marielle would feel about the pool! She's only ever been in a hot tub with the temp turned down a little!