Saturday, August 25, 2007


Samuel is very proud of his 2.5 teeth and chocolate donut.

Samuel's daycare had a funny story. In the "big boy" Tiny Toddlers room they don't have cribs. I have no idea how they can get 12 1 year olds to sleep on a cot for nap time, but that isn't the point and probably why they have that job and not me. Well, the process is they take 2 tiny toddlers over that at a time, pat their backs and then they fall asleep (sounds way too easy). Samuel is just like his Mommy if something is going on he needs to know what it is and be the first to know. Therefore, if Samuel is not in the first group of two to go over for a nap he gets very upset. Does he not realize that they aren't going over the to play or eat crackers, they are going to take a nap???

Samuel has adjusted to the Tiny Toddler Room. He has won the hearts of his teachers and no more tears when Daddy takes him in the morning. When I picked him up the other day he had his teachers sunglasses and a toy cell phone. Yep, he has established his "being the favorite" status once again. At least I think he has.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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