Sunday, August 12, 2007

Samuel had his first sleepover at Auntie Terri's last night. So I got to sleep in until 8:00!! I miss him though! And when called my sister this morning at 8:01, he was still asleep!!! Why does he wake up at 6:00 at home?

Before we left him there yesterday he had Cheetos for the first time with his cousin Aaron. Thus, the orange mouth above. When I called last night he had also had popcorn for the first time too. She is soooo the cool aunt. I think he can spend the night more often. And after I explained to my sister that he would probably cry when I left and not to take it personal because he just really loves his Mommy and I am the only one for him; he didn't even cry. Didn't wave, didn't run to the door, didn't pound on the window for me to come back, just ate his Cheetos and played with his cousins. He is so grown up, a big 13 month old! Time flies.

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rachella said...

I am glad he had a successful night at his aunt Terri's. Sounds like he had fun!