Thursday, December 06, 2007

It was Just A Bad Night

Dear Samuel,
You threw your first fit today when we were out for dinner. Normally, you just hang out and flirt with all the girls. I know what you are thinking, well normally you bring a sippy cup, teddy grahams and go at a time when I actually eat dinner....but still you didn't have to cry crocodile tears because we wouldn't give you a straw. Daddy said on the way home that we can't go out to eat until you are 8 years old now! Please give Daddy lots of kisses in the morning and remind him that we forgot your diaper bag with your drink and snacks. You know how much Mommy likes to go out to eat.

I love you and remember who shared her orange soda with you and let you eat your cookie even though you would only eat ketchup for dinner, please no more fits.


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