Friday, July 04, 2008

An Early Birthday Present

Can't believe that in a week Samuel will be two! He is getting to be such a big boy. He amazes me daily with what he knows, sometimes I have to stop and realize that is my baby. He is talking in sentences. He is very proud when he accomplishes something and yells "I DID IT"! Or if he doesn't want what you give him he will say "No, I want _____". It just doesn't seem right. When he wants both shoes, more crayons, not just one but 3 blankets he says "No, all my _______". We even have halfway normal conversations. He is also quite the character. How many kids do you know that get excited to go in time out??? He will put himself in time-out sometimes or happily sit there if you put him in it. But "prince" Samuel must have a pillow to sit on in time out. We may need to re-evaluate our discipline tactics.

He continues to test his bedtime limit. He usually gets up a few times before he finally settles. And is very picky when it comes to eating. Since he appears healthy we aren't too concerned about that.

He loves art. And loves to draw an "S". He can spell "SAM" but he skips the vowel.

He loves to help his baby "brudah Dooper". He will tell me when "Dooper" needs a bottle or binky. He also can't wait for him to wake up.

The picture above is an early Birthday present. He LOVES music, so we got him his own CD Player. He dances and laughs anytime music is on. Favorite songs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, and The Mulberry Bush. He was so excited about his "music", he insisted he was done with dinner after one bite to go listen so more.

The first two years have been so much fun! We have quite the little man.

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