Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Am So Old

Tonight Dave and I went on a date!! It lasted 3 hours, we saw Step Brothers and then went and had tacos and a beer. But that isn't why am I old, because the movie was hilarious and I didn't care that they dropped the f-bomb every other word.

I am old because some kids thought it would be funny to make the Big Bird ride look like it had a cigarette hanging out if it's mouth! Well mommness kicked in and I made sure to point it out to them at the ticket booth so they would take it off. I just couldn't believe some kids would do that. That is all we need, kids to see Big Bird smoking. See, I am old! Before I had kids, I would have never pointed it out to the employees. I may have thought it was bad, but I wouldn't have pointed it out.

Samuel would have been so embarrassed if he knew his Mommy did that.

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M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! Hey...being old is also a sign of maturity! hee hee're pretty dang cool if you went and saw Step Brother and had tacos and beer. I mean, how many mom's go out for stuff like that? Scrapbooking, yes. Shopping, yes. But a silly movie, food and beer? You're WAY cool!