Monday, August 25, 2008

Well, We Aren't Here To Talk About His Nutrition

There are a couple reasons I posted this picture. One reason is Cooper went through his two spare outfits at school today and had to borrow the purple striped one above, with a ruffle collar (not sure if you can see it). He wore that to the doctor and in Walgreens, and yes I felt it necessary to tell everyone who complimented him he was a boy and not a girl. Everyone said "he" when they referred to him, but I had to reiterate it. The second reason is that it shows how horizontal stripes are far from becoming on my 19 pound 5 month old!

I know his weight because we were at the doctor today. Cooper was not acting like himself the last couple days and I thought something was wrong. His teacher thought something was wrong too, for the record. When the doctor walked in he took one look at Cooper and said, "Well we aren't here to talk about his nutrition". I need to take a picture of Cooper with just a diaper and give you the full effect. Picture a really pale blonde sumo wrestler. But back to the doctor appointment. I am kind of thinking he thinks I overreacted yet again. His diagnosis was teething, soar throat (his tonsils were a little red) and good ol' constipation. Tylenol, oragel and prunes and there we went on our way. We tried the prunes and another good reason for the picture above was the prunes got all over him rather than all in him. Cooper didn't help my case either, he laughed and laughed at the doctor. All smiles, no frowns.

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Steph said...

Just Remember mine was only about 9 lbs. less when he was born!!!!