Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Round Three?

Last night was a loooong sleepless night in the Williams' home. Cooper has started a new habit since becoming sick of thinking he needs bottles in the middle of the night. Mommy and Daddy think caving in is better than no sleep and the possibility of waking up brother. So last night he did his usual cry for his bottle around 1:00 am, only last night wasn't normal. Sam woke up too! And he was not happy. In fact he was tossing and turning and crying for me. I would go in there get him back to sleep and about 15 minutes later same thing. I was frustrated, I didn't know what was wrong. He eventually slept with me and Dave on the couch (thanks Dave). The waking up continued even when in bed with me, but when I asked him if anything hurt he would say no. This morning as we were getting ready (by the way I had to wake him up for school which never happens) he told me that his ear hurt. I will be honest, I thought okay is he just saying this? His brother just got over one and maybe he was just saying that. But I didn't want to risk it, so to the doctor he went. And sure enough, he knew his ear hurt. He had an ear infection. If you recall, Sam has had not one but two surgeries to insert tubes. The second time they even took out his adenoids. So when the doctor mentioned maybe a third round of tubes you know I am thinking what the heck? We have him on antibiotics and drops and in two weeks go back to check his ears to decide if we need to go back to the ENT doctor. And here I thought we were over the ear infections. And I also wonder, will Cooper need tubes too? But I also think, do I really think they work? Who knows. I guess we will find out in a few weeks.
But one thing I will say is it sure is nice when they can tell you what is wrong! It really helps, especially for a Mommy like me who can let her mind wonder :o). I feel sorry for these guys, they need to get healthy. But I guess Tis the Season for colds and flu :o(.


Elizabeth said...

ugh. Hope you get some sleep tonight. We partied in our living room last night too.

Jen said...

Man. what a bummer for all that sickness. I hope you have a good Christmas despite it all!