Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1 Year Stats

Weight- 25 lbs 14 Ounces 90%
Height- 29.5 Inches 50%
Head- 48 1/2 Cm 95%
Number of teeth- 3.5
Milk- organic whole
Food- chicken nuggets, rice & beans
Juice- apple-prune (or as I tell Sam Poop Juice)
Snacks- puffs and biter biscuits (tonight you loved pears)
Book- Brown Bear Brown Bear
Favorite past times- baths, bottle, following brother, bottle, morning cuddles, bottle, playing peek a boo, bottle, pointing, bottle and clapping
Words- MaMa & DaDa

We had a rather uneventful 1 year check-up, which is a good thing. Cooper still has a big head and short body :o). But that's okay he will catch up. We talked about his sleeping habits, and the doctor summed it up to teething and a virus which caused blisters in his throat. I had no idea he had it, but it will go away in a few days. We are now ready for year number two. Let the ride begin.

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