Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hard To Believe But In 29 Days..

You will be one!!!

The past 11 months have just flown by! Hard to believe we have gone through Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and almost back to Spring again. You have just grown to a little boy right before our eyes. I say are not such a little guy. At your last doctor appointment you weighed 25 pounds! I could not believe it. It is all in those cheeks (and thighs).
This past month, in addition to a blog a few weeks ago we can add pointing and playing "where's Cooper". You love to put anything in front of your face and appear when we "look" for you. It is so fun. You also know what no means but choose not to listen. It's okay you can get away with that for a little while longer. But know that Mommy means business :o). I have a confession, I no longer ready the "your baby this week" emails. If I could reach out to any first time Mom and have them actually listen I would say DELETE THOSE EMAILS. It is so much different this time around. The emails always prepared me (and made me obsess) for future milestones your brother would reach and quite frankly concerned me if he wasn't right on target (I now know how ridiculous that was). But with you, I have no idea what is around the corner and then you just amaze me with a new trick. I LOVE it!
You have been having a rough month teeth wise, those little teeth are sure making you loose some sleep. I am hoping that gets better. On Tuesday you are scheduled to get tubes in your ears. I say scheduled, because you have been running a low fever all weekend so I am not sure if that will change the plans at all. I almost think it is another ear infection :o(.
You are crawling and cruising around the furniture. Soon you will be toddling around the house! I am tired just thinking about that.
In fact, so tired that I am going to sleep now. Enjoy your last month as a 0 year old! One is going to be so much fun for you. We love you Cooper Jakob!

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