Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Team Ryan or Team Reese?

I forgot to express my sadness. I was informed yesterday that Reese & Ryan have officially split. I am just now getting over Brad and Jen. I mean I struggled with that. I think I get a little too caught up in hollywood romance. I can't help it. I subscribe to US and I am totally in the loop. I haven't heard the story so I haven't chose my side yet in this break-up.

But I am team Jennifer! Speaking of...okay together or not together-Jen & Vince? I was rooting for them.

Who is next Whitney and Bobby?? Wait, they divo'd too! Does true love exist?

Ben & Jen don't let me down!

P.S. I am bored-where are the trick or treaters?? I don't need all this left over candy. Samuel is even peacefully sleeping in his bouncy chair waiting to greet them. We have only had 3!!! It is 6:30.

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B'Sue said...

For all those who have bit and split...I hope the kids survive!