Monday, October 02, 2006

This Week...

Samuel you are sitting on your Dad's lap right now and I heard Dad say "you have really accomplished a lot this week" and then he started listing things. So I thought I would share a few.

* Sleeping in your OWN room in your crib. And last night you slept from 8:00-4:30 AM!! And you didn't cry until about 5:15 AM. We could hear you in there talking away. We don't know who or what you were talking to but maybe it was your hands?? Which leads me to the next one.
* You LOVE your hands. You will just suck suck and suck on them. We do not want you to extend your thumb though; so don't even think about it. Today while you were napping I heard this slurping noise and there you were sound asleep sucking on those hands.
* You started eating more in your bottles. I can't believe my tiny 5 pound 12 ounce baby now weighs 12 pounds 13 ounces. I think you caught up!
* You spent your first hour at daycare. I already posted it but that was a big deal. I think it was harder on Mommy then you! You had 1 wet diaper and slept for a total of 25 minutes. We really liked Michelle she is the one that will mainly take care of you.

That is really it but those are some big things. Tomorrow is "our day" though. We can go to the mall and Target together. Your favorite places. Mommy starts work on Wednesday. It is going to be a rough day (on me) but you will have so much fun at Koala Care! You will make a lot of friends and there will be so much that will stimulate your mind. There was only so much I could do all day long. And not to toot your horn or give you a big head (you already have a big belly) but I am pretty sure you were the cutest baby in there so you will have no trouble wrapping them around your little finger...

Dave just said, "You are still typing" okay this one got long. So bye for now!

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