Monday, February 12, 2007

7 Months

Well Burger, you are 7 months old today. My oh my how time flies. You are getting so independent! You can sit play with your toys for a long time now. This makes me happy, because you are sitting on your own and because I don't feel I wasted my money on all those toys you just looked at for about 6 months. My challenge is to make sure you play with each one before you out grow it. You are reaching for everything. Everything we have in our hands you want....remotes, cell phones, soda...You are so happy all the time. You even wake up smiling. You are just too fun. You are still in the infant room at daycare but spend a lot of time in the busy baby room. You love watching them crawl and walk, I bet you even dream about doing it yourself one day. Don't worry it will be soon enough and our house is not even close to being baby proofed so take your time. Listen to your Mommy DON'T BE IN A RUSH TO GROW UP. You are a mommas boy. No doubt. Your face lights up when you see me, don't worry Dad he will soon realize that you will let him get dirty and I won't. Then you will be his favorite. Don't get me wrong fellow readers, he loves his Daddy too! No words yet, which even if you said one would you know what it means?? I don't care really, I am working on getting you to say Da Da. So far you have had the following foods:
carrots (getting old)
peaches (yuck)
sweet potatoes (yum)
applesauce (yum yum)
nanners (yum)

5 more months and you will be a year old. OMG! Can I freeze time?

Love you burger!!

Mommy and Daddy

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B'Sue said...

Sorry I haven't been around. Stayed at Jenny's to help her out. Then I had to dig up your blog address off the old computer. Your little guy is gettig so big. Seven months have gone by so fast.
Love ya, Barb