Sunday, February 18, 2007

What A Sport!

Yes, we were at Urgent Care again last night. What was it this time you ask? Stomach flu, double ear infection and upper respiratory problems. Yesterday consisted of 5 outfit changes, one bed sheet change, and two shots in the leg. What a day! Okay, seriously next winter Samuel's immune system is going to rock! Right? Because that is what he is doing, building his immune system??? I have had a few of my fellow Mommies tell me the first winter is the hardest! Spring where are you?

He is a sport (thus the title). Still smiling and playing. And very cuddly! He has fell asleep with me holding him like 5 times today. Really, that is the best! Because he was at the point that he had to go to bed and stretch out before falling asleep. Very sad for his Mommy.

Starting to look more like Daddy, look at those huge eyes!


Rachella said...

Poor little guy! Poor mommy!!! I hope he is better soon!

B'Sue said...

Get well soon!!!
It will get a little easier when he learns to talk and can tell you where he hurts and that he isn't feeling well. Love ya, Barb