Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Add biter biscuits to the list. Those things are MESSY. You know I use to say before I had Samuel that I would not let him get dirty. Believe it or not I am a bit anal about that kind of stuff. And for about 9 months I could actually control that. If there was a drop of food on him, I would change his outfit. If he had food on his face I would wipe right off. But I work full time and come home and play with Samuel, make dinner (except the nights my wonderful husband cooks) and give him a bath. And to be quite honest, I am tired. So, he leaves the house with a spot on his shirt...sometimes even a burger in his nose....and for sure food on his mouth.

By the time meal time comes a long I have given the control to Samuel. After all I want to encourage his Independence. Even if it does mean he will need to get another bath.

With Independence comes the realization that my little baby doesn't need me as much anymore. He doesn't want me to hold him until he goes to sleep anymore, he wants to go to his crib. And to be honest, since I seem to be honest today that makes me REALLY sad.

But I am not giving up on this, he will for sure never play in the mud. I mean yuck :o)

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Steph said...

Yeah I used to be like that but after two boys I realized clean is impossible!!!:o)