Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why The Big Smile??

Well, I will tell you. Today Samuel "graduated". That means...dah duh! No helmet. And they said it would take 3-6 months..ha! They were very happy with Samuel's progress. He went from being 3/4 of an inch off to just millimeters. So this is good, because as the weather gets warmer and muggier the helmet was going to be come more and more stinky.

The doctor promised me it wouldn't go back to how it was, phew. And he also said that no ones head is perfect so millimeters is probably just like you and me.

We think Samuel will miss his helmet now, no more "bam bam". He will learn that quick once the padding is gone.

Well, I have used all my energy now. I have a new respect for Mom's stay at home and working! It is exhausting. But don't get me wrong, worth every yawn!

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