Wednesday, October 10, 2007

He Gets It.

Well, either he has been playing us or Samuel woke up a little smarter Monday morning. In one day Samuel overwhelmed us with the following discovery, he actually does know what the heck we are saying. It started with him bringing me a diaper. I asked him if he needed his diaper changed and he went over to the changing table. Then I asked if he wanted milk and over to the fridge. It ended with me asking if he was ready for night night. Yep, off to bed he went. All in one day, I must say I am a proud mommy..that wonders how long he has been pretending not to understand?? Oh and he still doesn't understand "no".

And if you remember in a previous post I let on about Samuel's favorite teacher, Mallory. Well this morning he was kind of grumpy and not wanting to go to school. So I said do you want to go see Ms. Mallory? And, boom- instant smile, up and walking to the door saying bye to me as he goes. Hmmmm....nothing like making Mommy feel a little jealous.

I guess I should explain the outfit above. Well it is pretty simple and I am sure all your Mommies understand....Daddy dressed him :O).

Bye for now! We are off to Nebraska this weekend (assuming Dave feels better).

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rachella said...

It's amazing how much they absorb. Have fun in the corn husker state. :)

Hope Dave feels better soon.