Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I almost feel guilty for my lack of posts lately. And it isn't like Samuel hasn't had a lot of new tricks the past few months either, in fact he has which keeps us so busy. I mean heck, I even forgot to celebrate his 14 month birthday!
So my toddling boy is testing his independence daily. He likes to walk on his own and looks at you like you are a crazy person if you try to hold his hand. Oh and even more crazy if you tell him he can't walk in the street only the sidewalk. I know, I should totally let him do that...
We are completely off the bottle and have been for awhile now. Actually an easy transition. It helped that they stopped giving them to him at school. Though he has replaced the security of his bottle with the security of his blanket. Luckily no fits yet that the blanket has to leave the house.
His daily reports from school always say what a happy boy he is. He loves his new classroom (not so new anymore) and he loves his teacher. In fact a word added to his vocabulary is his teacher Mallory's name.
Speaking of vocabulary, he is starting to use is words in the correct context. His vocabulary consists of Hi, hello, bye, more, me, mommy, da da, thank you (dan do), and he attempts book. He says a whole lot of other words but I have yet to find a baby translator to tell me what he is saying. But we are learning to communicate. In fact yesterday he was whining and I said what do you want, show me. And he walked over the brownies and pointed. I know, gifted.
Now, I can explain my lack of pictures there is a valid excuse for that. The boy will not stand still!
Well there you have it. And all before Samuel even woke up. I

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