Thursday, June 04, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job

That is what I thought tonight, sorry I know it sounds bad.

I picked up Sam and Cooper today and that is when it started. I got to Sam's room and noticed he was in his back up clothes. Then we couldn't find his paper, which was fine to me, but to Sam it was unacceptable. One of the teachers finally found it and he was happy. I wasn't, it gave me no information that I needed. I need to know when he goes potty if he has an accident what time and how many. If I ask Sam he says 1. I don't believe him. Anyway, we left and Sam had a fit in the parking lot because wanted candy and when I picked him up I noticed he had a pull-up on. Seriously?? Errrrrrr! This in no way supports my potty training mission. The only defense I have for them is that we only picked up one spare of clothes yesterday and today and there must have been more. But wait folks, there is more. When we got home the fits continued and he yelled at me and stuck his tongue out. This went on for about an hour. Then when I took him to go potty, noticed he pottied in his pull-up.

We finally ate dinner and then it was bath time. Cooper is in the bath and I have Sam sitting on the toilet trying to poop. Sam never did poop, but Cooper the bath. Then I had to take him out, Dave cleaned the bath and it was Sam's turn for a bath. He cried. Of course.

Finally got them both to bed. I think this has been one of my more challenging Mommy nights. I wanted to go back to work.

Weekend here I come!!!!!!! I feel better, venting always helps.

I love you boys!

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