Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fight Back

Well, I knew it would happen. One day Cooper would get fed up and fight back.

Cooper's teachers have told Dave, on more than one occasion that Cooper doesn't like to share. Well they put it a little nicer, "When Cooper finds a toy in the morning it is his for the rest of the day". I can't say I am surprised he is known to sit on his brother when he takes a toy from him and scream mine mine mine! Sam just sits there and yells for us to get him off. Sam has always been my passive aggressive one, Cooper not at all. I have been telling Sam for awhile now that one day Cooper is going to let him steal toys. I guess one day is here. At least he still has his sweet side.

I find it so interesting how different they can be. I guess I just thought I would have two of the same model.

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