Sunday, July 19, 2009

15 Month Stats

Weight: 27 Pounds 13.5 Ounces 85%
Length: 31 Inches 45%
Head: 49.5 cm 96%

So, you have two brains. Cooper seems to be keeping steady with her percentages, which I know are just figures but I think it is fun keeping track.

Lately we have been seeing a side of Cooper that involves throwing fits. Mainly, shoes. Cooper loves his shoes and always wants them on, especially if he sees you putting brother's on. He has quite the temper. He shares the same passion with his hat.

In the cuddling department, Cooper would rather not. Which makes Mommy very sad! But there are some rare moments when he will rest his head on your shoulder and those moments I love!

Cooper has added some new words to his vocabulary since my last post.

Wyatt: That is Sam's buddy
Shoes: Shoes
Nana: Banana
Bee Ba: Baseball Bat

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