Friday, July 10, 2009

Cooper Jakob!

Cooper is a busy little guy, so busy that I barely have time to come on here and post pictures...forget actually writing something.

But today, I took a day off. In addition to takinga day off I sent the kids to school and the husband to work. I have been working a lot and trying to keep up with being a Mom and Wife. I am going to clean the house and then go shop for Sam's 3rd Birthday. I won't even go there right now, he will get a post later in the weekend. Sniff sniff.

But Cooper, let's talk about him. He is 15 months old now and walking and talking. He is a very independent child and has no problem testing his limits. Something his brother doesn't do. He still has very blonde hair and big blue eyes! Cooper loves the water he will even put his head under and not care. He also loves to play with balls and sometimes mistakes other objects as balls and throws them too (phones, remotes, blocks, books).

We have started doing story time with him at night, which is something we should have started sooner but it use to get done after he went to bed. He loves books that he can touch and feel different textures. So his favorite is "That's not my Dinosaur". I like it too.

School is going well for Cooper. He is in the tiny toddler room and enjoys playing with this friends. We need to work on sharing and partly because of his brother. When he was smaller (which for him is a funny word to use) he wouldn't be able to do anything when his brother took his toys. Now he is making up for that, don't take a toy from Cooper! Cooper has 6 teeth, but if that past couple nights mean what I think, he has some more coming.

Cooper loves his Daddy!!! He usually wants him to hold him over Mommy :o(. He see hims in the morning and says (with a huge smile) DADDY! When he sees me he says "da da". Hm.

Thank You
Bubba (brother)
Da Da (me)
No No (add a finger waive at that)

More juice

Stubborn and determined. Sweet and lovable.

We love our Cooper!!!!!

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B'Sue said...

Renli likes to put plastic containers on her head too....
How funny. I can't remember Jacob doing that.