Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 Year Old Stats

Weight: 33 Pounds 1/4 Ounces 75%
Length: 37 Inches 50%

I don't even know where to start, it seems like so long since I have actually sat and posted about Samuel. I love this age!

Funny things you say:
"Dear God, thank you for the yucky food" (before he ate lunch at school, it was tuna casserole)
"Friends do you want any beer?" (this was said at school, it was pizza day)
"He has a big head" (gotta love honesty)

Favorite things to do:
Play with friends

What I notice most about you:
You are very set in your ways, which is sometimes a good thing and sometimes bad. Good, because you know the routine. Bad, because if your routine doesn't go as planned this is a big disappointment to you and you express that through "fits". You are becoming independent and like to do things on your own. You are also a Mommy Boy!! But you like to help your Daddy too.

Pretending is a big thing right now, it is fun to see your imagination at work. Yesterday you had me in giggles because you were pretending to talk on the phone and even added the call waiting aspect to it. Your favorite person to call is Elizabeth. You LOVE Elizabeth, she is one of your favorite teachers at school. She sometimes even babysits you.

You have a memory not to be tested. You can recall things that happened MONTHS ago. You also loving sharing this with your teachers and often tell them stories about what you have done.

You are a gentle boy and wouldn't intentionally hurt anyone. Okay, maybe your brother, but you love him very much too.

We love you Sam!!

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