Tuesday, September 12, 2006

2 Months!

Samuel you are two months old! Time flies by soooooo fast. I am enjoying every minute I get to spend with you and dreading going back to work in 3 weeks!

I thought I would share some facts about you that you won't remember but I will!

Favorite Past Time:

* Staring at the ceiling fan. Who needs toys when you have a ceiling fan?

Things You Don't Care For:

* Your swing. You aren't sure about that yet. You do fine in it if you are asleep when you go in but if you are awake when you go in it you don't really care for it.
* Getting in your car seat. Once we are moving you are okay but you do not like being strapped in there.... at all.
* A dirty diaper. Okay I don't blame you, but if I don't smell it in time you get MAD!
* Waiting for your bottle. We get no notice, you go from zero to hungry in 2 seconds! Well you don't always understand that we have to make it first.

Things you like when you are in the mood:

* Activity mat. You are still trying to get that darn red bird but you haven't really noticed anything else. Oh except the star above that plays music whenever you move. You like that. For a while we had to make it make sound but now you can do it.
* Bouncy chair. But you don't care for the go to sleep music.
* Your crib. Sometimes you will sleep for hours in it and sometimes you will sleep for only a few minutes. We still haven't put you in there at night. Our fault not yours.

Things that calm you down:

* Being outside. You seem to love the sounds out there and looking up at the pecan tree in the back yard.
* Binky!!!
* Listening to music and dancing around with Mommy.

Other Random Facts:

* Your once short and blonde eyelashes are now long and brown. They go good with your big blue eyes. I wonder if they will stay that color.
* You are starting to smile. I can always make you smile by rubbing your forehead. But sometimes you will look up at me or Daddy and just smile. It makes our heart melt.

We look forward to everyday with you. We know there will always be something new!

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B'Sue said...

What a nice way to record for posterity the growth of your little angel.